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Immature azhdarchoid pterosaur skeletal pneumatization

From: Ben Creisler

A new recent paper:

Ross A. Elgin & David W.E. Hone (2013)
Pneumatization of an immature azhdarchoid pterosaur.
Cretaceous Research 45: 16-24

The partial skeleton of an immature azhdarchoid pterosaur from the
Santana Formation (Early Cretaceous) of NE Brazil is described, where
breaks across several of the three dimensionally preserved postcranial
elements have permitted the thickness of the cortex to be accurately
measured. Air-space proportions (ASP) are shown to be comparable to
those observed in sauropod dinosaurs. The pterosaurian pneumatic
system, prevalent throughout these animals, is shown to be well
developed in even non-adult animals and is inferred to have penetrated
into even the smallest of bones.