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Colorful Danxia Landforms of Gansu Region China

Colorful Danxia Landforms of China, Amusing Planet

Colourful rock formations in the Zhangye Danxia
Landform Geological Park, the Telegraph

Magnificent Danxia landform

Magnificent Danxia landform in NW China

I have not found anything in English about the geology
of this location. However, like the Painted Desert in
Arizona, the colors appear to represent paleosols 
(oranges and yellows) interbedded with layers of reduced / 
unoxidized lake or fluvial sediments.

Allegedly, the strata are of the Mesozoic era according 
to the few sources that I was able to find. Thus, a person 
might be able to find some dinosaurs.

For the Google Earth fans, the coordinates are
latitude 38.9546, longitude 100.0744. Just insert
“ 38.9546, 100.0744 ” into Google Earth search .

I would be interested in any citations to  publications
about then geology of Gansu Danxia landforms and


Paul Heinrich
Baton rouge, Louisiana