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Big oviraptorosaur from Montana and other news

From: Ben Creisler

A number of recent news and blog items that may be of interest:

Caenagnathid oviraptorosaur from Montana

Information about the discovery of a large caenagnathid oviraptorosaur
in Montana has been out on the Web for a few days. Here are some links
with the details. I have not been able to find the official news
releases from the Burpee Museum and from the Montana Bureau of Land
Management online as yet.





Note: The reconstruction in video and article above were later
corrected on Facebook to show longer feathers on the forelimbs after
input from Tom Holtz:



Paleontology staff cutbacks at Australian Museum at the same time a
big exhibit about tyrannosaurs is on display


Info on the exhibit

Crocodile tool use

This new article about tool use in crocodiles and alligators was
discussed on the blog Tetrapod Zoology.


Here's the full ref with abstract and link.

Dinets, V., Brueggen, J. C. & Brueggen, J. D. 2013.
Crocodilians use tools for hunting.
Ethology Ecology & Evolution in press
DOI: 10.1080/03949370.2013.858276

Using objects as hunting lures is very rare in nature, having been
observed in just a handful of species. We report the use of twigs and
sticks as bird lures by two crocodilian species. At least one of them
uses this method predominantly during the nest-building season of its
prey. This is the first known case of a predator not just using
objects as lures, but also taking into account the seasonality of prey
behavior. It provides a surprising insight into previously
unrecognized complexity of archosaurian behavior.


French paleontologist Eric Buffetaut has written a short popular book
in French entitled: "À quoi servent les dinosaures?"

The title can translate as "What are dinosaurs good for?" or  maybe
more accurately as "What's the point of studying dinosaurs?"

The book is a response to a question to the author at a recent press
conference in France: "Mais Monsieur, à quoi cela sert, ce que vous
faites?" [But sir, what's the practical use of what you do?]

Radio interviews and podcasts in French with Buffetaut (and excerpt
with Philippe Taquet):

part 1:
part 2:

Another radio interview:


Publisher link:

Not Mesozoic but may be of interest. A new specimen of the enigmatic
lizard Ornatocephalus has been found in the 47-million-year-old middle
Eocene Messel pit near Darmstadt, in Germany. Press release and news
stories in German with photos:






New Cretaceous ankylosaur from China displayed with casts in public in Japan

The fossils were excavated near Lishui  City in Zhejiang Province in
China by a joint team from the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum from
Japan and the Zhejiang Museum of Natural History. It may be a new
taxon, estimated at 7 to 8 meters in length. The tail end displayed is
about 90 cm long, with club 40 centimeters wide.

In Chinese with photo of original fossil


In Japanese with photo of casts


This would appear to be the same find announced in China back in July: