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Spheroolithid dinosaur eggs from Liaoning Province, China

From: Ben Creisler

In the new Vertebrata PalAsiatica:

LIU Jin-Yuan, WANG Qiang, ZHAO Zi-Kui, WANG Xiao-Lin, GAO Chun-Ling &
SHEN Cai-Zhi (2013)
A parataxonomic revision of spheroolithid eggs from the Upper
Cretaceous Quantou Formation in Changtu, Liaoning.
Vertebrata PalAsiatica 51(4):  278-288

We re-described the dinosaur eggs from the Upper Cretaceous Quantou
Formation in Changtu, Liaoning Province. Based on the macrostructure
of eggs and the microstructure of eggshells: spheroid or near-spheroid
eggs, thick eggshell, bamboo-leaves-like or lanceolate  wedges in
cone, clear inter-wedge spaces, columnar layer composed of more than 4
superimposed eggshell units, these eggs are assigned to Spheroolithus
spheroides (Young, 1954) Zhao, 1979, and Spheroolithus megadermus
(Young, 1959) Zhao, 1979, respectively. With the comparison of
dinosaur egg assemblages from Changtu in Liaoning  Province and
Laiyang in Shandong Province, And Quantou Formation should be
corresponding to the early-middle Late Cretaceous.