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Re: Nanotyrannus and juvenile T.Rex

In a message dated 12/10/13 9:32:01 PM, tholtz@umd.edu writes:

<< A 2-year old Tyrannosaurus rex. So no more comparable to the Jane 

or Nano type than a toddler is to a middle schooler. >>

It is a quite large (nearly equal to adult albertosaurs) but very gracile 
juvenile of a gigantic gracile Tyrannosaurus from near the top of the Hell 
Creek, but it probably is not the robust rex species. The constant, 
persistent, habitual, never ending reference to the late Maastrichtian gigantic 
tyrannosaur adults and subadults to T. rex must come to a taxonomic and public 
relations end. Even if they are one species as is improbable.