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Istiodactylus dentary with bony odontoid from Early Cretaceous of England

From: Ben Creisler

A new online paper:

David M. Martill (2013)
A functional odontoid in the dentary of the Early Cretaceous pterosaur
Istiodactylus latidens: Implications for feeding.
Cretaceous Research 47: 56–65
doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.cretres.2013.11.005

The Early Cretaceous ornithocheiroid pterosaur Istiodactylus latidens
(Pterosauria, Archosauria, Reptilia) from the Wealden Supergroup of
the Isle of Wight, southern England, has a distinctive dentition of
labio-lingually compressed, sub-triangular tooth crowns with a
triangular osseous projection at the dentary symphysis that occluded
into a similarly shaped diastema between the first teeth of the left
and right premaxillae and functioned as an odontoid (pseudotooth). A
somewhat similar triangular bony projection occurs also in the
istiodactylid Longchengpterus zhaoi from the Cretaceous of China. The
possession of an odontoid at the dentary symphysis may be autapomorphy
for Istiodactylidae. The apparent lack of an odontoid in other
istiodactylids (Liaoxipterus brachyognathus Dong and Lü, 2005 and
Istiodactylus sinensis Andres and Ji, 2006) may be a consequence of
poor preservation.