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Permian tetrapod (therapsid?) burrows from Nei Mongol, China (free pdf)

From: Ben Creisler

A new paper. The pdf is free.

Liu Jun and  Li Lu (2013)
Large Tetrapod Burrows from the Permian Naobaogou Formation of the
Daqingshan Area, Nei Mongol, China.
Acta Geologica Sinica(English Edition)87(6): 1501-1507

Two new tetrapod burrow casts from the Naobaogou Formation (Middle or
Late Permian) of Nei Mongol, China are described. It marks the first
pre-Cenozoic tetrapod burrow from China, and one of the earliest
records of tetrapod burrows. Comparison to other Permian and Triassic
burrows suggests that these burrows were created by tetrapod slightly
smaller than Lystrosaurus. Deduced from the morphology and sizes of
two burrows and known tetrapods of the Naobaogou Formation, the burrow
should be the production of a therapsid, most likely a dicynodon.
These burrows indicate a seasonal climate and this area was semiarid
or arid during that time.