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Erratum for Ajancingenia (oviraptorid) paper

From: Ben Creisler

A new paper in Zootaxa as an erratum to J. Easter's recent
Ajancingenia paper, acknowledging Mickey Mortimer's work for the
Theropod Database. However, the erratum should read "her website" and
"her data".....


Zootaxa 3750 (1): 100

JESSE EASTER (2013) A new name for the oviraptorid dinosaur “Ingenia”
yanshini (Barsbold, 1981; preoccupied by Gerlach, 1957). Zootaxa,
3737(2): 184–190.

The following corrections and acknowledgements should be added to the
paper. Holotype and paratype composition, paratype variation, and data
on specimens improperly referred to Ingenia yanshini were compiled by
Mickey Mortimer and should be credited to his website:
Mortimer was cited in an early version of the manuscript but this was
removed during review. Mortimer should have been consulted prior to
using his data, and this is an error on my part.

Figure 1 was redrawn by Jennifer Haruta from Barsbold et al. (1990)
and reversed; the elements figured are from the left side of the body.

Reference to be included
Barsbold, R., Maryanska, T. & Osmolska, H. (1990) Oviraptorosauria.
In: Weishampel, D. B., Dodson, P. & Osmolska, H. (Eds.), The
Dinosauria 1st ed. University of California Press, Berkely, pp.