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Special Issue in Swiss Journal of Geosciences: A tribute to the late Prof J.-P. Berger

I'm happy to announce that the following Special Issue
"A tribute to the late Professor Jean-Pierre Berger (8 July 1956–18 January 
was just published in the Swiss Journal of Geosciences and can be accessed here:


Even though the majority of the papers deal with mammals, there are also a 
couple of papers (coelacanths; new Macrocnemus species; new actinopterygian 
fish) that are certainly of interest for the Dinosaur Mailing list.

I can provide access to a dropbox folder for those who do not have access to 
the papers.

The contents are as follows:

A tribute to the late Professor Jean-Pierre Berger (8 July 1956–18 January 2012)
Damien Becker , Daniel Marty , Claudius Pirkenseer , Lionel Cavin , Kirsten 
Grimm & Bettina Reichenbacher

Un curieux microfossile de la Molasse oligocène de Suisse occidentale et de 
Haute-Savoie (France)
Jean-Pierre Berger † , Margaret E. Collinson & Marc Weidmann

A brief review of Agenian rhinocerotids in Western Europe
Pierre-Olivier Antoine & Damien Becker

Late Oligocene micromammal teeth (MP28/29) from the Lower Freshwater Molasse 
(USM) of Chrummorge (Lägern, N-Switzerland)
Thomas Bolliger

New coelacanth material from the Middle Triassic of eastern Switzerland, and 
comments on the taxic diversity of actinistans
Lionel Cavin , Heinz Furrer & Christian Obrist

Internal pore measurements on macroperforate planktonic Foraminifera as an 
alternative morphometric approach
Monica Constandache , Florence Yerly & Silvia Spezzaferri

An assessment of the Cenozoic avifauna of Switzerland, with a description of 
two fossil owls (Aves, Strigiformes)
V. L. De Pietri , C. Mourer-Chauviré , U. Menkveld-Gfeller , C. A. Meyer & L. 

A new species of Macrocnemus from the Middle Triassic of the eastern Swiss Alps
Nicholas Fraser & Heinz Furrer

A new Oligocene (MP 24) mammal fauna (Dürrenberg, Canton Jura, NW Switzerland) 
from the eastern slope of the “Rauracian depression”
Daniel Kälin

A new basal actinopterygian fish from the Late Ladinian of Monte San Giorgio 
(Canton Ticino, Switzerland)
Cristina Lombardo

The mammalian assemblage of Mazan (Vaucluse, France) and its position in the 
Early Oligocene European palaeobiogeography
Olivier Maridet , Marguerite Hugueney & Loïc Costeur

Accidents longitudinaux dans la Molasse rouge auct. et dans son substratum sur 
le versant oriental du Salève (Haute-Savoie, France)
Bruno Mastrangelo , Jean Charollais , Roland Wernli & Jacques Metzger

Specialization for amphibiosis in Brachyodus onoideus (Artiodactyla, 
Hippopotamoidea) from the Early Miocene of France
Maeva J. Orliac , Pierre-Olivier Antoine , Anne-Lise Charruault , Sophie Hervet 
, Frédéric Prodeo & Francis Duranthon

A new assemblage of ray-finned fishes (Teleostei) from the Lower Oligocene 
“Schistes à Meletta” from the Glières plateau, Bornes Massif, eastern France
Antoine Pictet , Jérôme Chablais & Lionel Cavin

The position of the Rupelian/Chattian boundary in the southern Upper Rhine 
Graben based on new records of microfossils
Claudius Pirkenseer , Jean-Pierre Berger† & Bettina Reichenbacher

First record of Karydomys (Rodentia, Mammalia) from the German part of the 
North Alpine Foreland Basin
Jérôme Prieto & Herbert Scholz

A new magnetostratigraphic framework for the Lower Miocene 
(Burdigalian/Ottnangian, Karpatian) in the North Alpine Foreland Basin
Bettina Reichenbacher , Wout Krijgsman , Yannick Lataster , Martina Pippèrr , 
Christiaan G. C. Van Baak , Liao Chang , Daniel Kälin , Jürg Jost , Gerhard 
Doppler , Dietmar Jung , Jérôme Prieto , Hayfaa Abdul Aziz , Madelaine Böhme , 
Jennifer Garnish , Uwe Kirscher & Valerian Bachtadse

New records of Dorcatherium guntianum (Tragulidae), stratigraphical framework, 
and diphyletic origin of Miocene European tragulids
Gertrud E. Rössner & Kurt Heissig

Evolutionary history of hoofed mammals during the Oligocene–Miocene transition 
in Western Europe
Laureline Scherler , Bastien Mennecart , Florent Hiard & Damien Becker

Kimmeridgian (Late Jurassic) ostracods from Highway A16 (NW Switzerland): 
taxonomy, stratigraphy, ecology, and biogeography
Ulla Schudack , Michael Schudack , Daniel Marty & Gaël Comment

Little-known brachiopods from the Cretaceous of the Helvetic realm of NE 
Switzerland (Alpstein) and W Austria (Vorarlberg)
Heinz Sulser , Georg Friebe & Peter Kürsteiner

A remarkable example of a Late Jurassic shallow-water ophiuroid assemblage from 
the Swiss Jura Mountains
Ben Thuy , Daniel Marty & Gaël Comment

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