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Re: Sauraphaganax

Well, Greg, I hope the 3 spirits don't visit you tomorrow night.   :-)
I was an administrator for a while on Wiki and although there are some great 
folks, it's very easy for anyone to post info in an article that is 1) 
unreliable 2) misstates the Reliable Sources by accident or design, so I take 
even the technical articles with a grain of salt - even though I've contributed 
to 1,037 at my last count.  Books that I have are at most 2006-2009, so they 
can easily be outdated.  The university is 40 miles away, and the school 
doesn't offer courses in paleo, anywho.  So - the DML is a nice helpful way to 
gather answers to questions if/when someone wants to answer.