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Re: poor Einiosaurus


Most of the questions you ask are not really answerable. We 

> On 29 Dec 2013, at 18:58, Hammer <hammeris1@att.net> wrote:
> Dixon (2006) lists this Centrosaurine as living during the Campanian stage of 
> the late Cretaceous, contemporary with Gorgosaurus and Daspletosaurus.  With 
> a nose horn that pointed down, when one of these large tyrannosaurids was 
> closing in I can't see Einio doing much outside of tapping "S.O.S." on the 
> ground with it.  Could it "ram" the legs of these hungry predators, toppling 
> them or breaking leg bones with this horn?  It just doesn't seem to be of 
> much obvious use against an adult - especially Daspletosaurus.  I don't know 
> what the current view is of how fast Einio could run away, or if there was 
> some sort of inter-species herding with better equipped-for-defense 
> herbivores.  Seems to be an easy lunch?