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Camptosaurus with speculative feathers is "dinosaur of the year" and other news

From: Ben Creisler

On the topic of scaly vs. feathered dinosaurs comes this news item in German.

A Camptosaurus specimen (nicknamed "Arky") has been chosen as the
"dinosaur of the year" for 2014 at the Sauriermuseum in Aathal,



The reconstruction shows "feathers" on the upper body and tip of the
tail. The caption says the presence of feather-like or hair-like
structures is "purely speculative" [rein spekulativ].


More about Haplocanthosaurus found at Snow Mass in Colorado, with photo



Acheroraptor teeth



Photo of Triassic ichthyosaurs from Guizhou on display at Guizhou
Cultural Palace for Nationalities in Guiyang, Guizhou Province, China.
(in Chinese)



10 historically notable dinosaur films (in Dutch)

[Note that the list is chronological, not by quality ranking!]



NABU "dinosaur of the year" announced (in German)

The Sauriermuseum's  "dinosaur of the year" is not to be confused with
the negative "dinosaur of the year" prize  for antiquated
environmental policies awarded by the German conservation group NABU
mentioned in a previous post. The announced "winner" for 2013 was
Wolfgang Burgard, the CEO of a lobbying group for beverage packaging
who oppose "discrimination" against disposable containers.

Photo of the dinosaur trophy with beverage containers: