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Re: Walking with Dinosaurs (animated film currently playing)

If you were on the Facebook or Twitter feeds of a number of us, you would
have your answers already...

1) This is not a new episode of the original documentary series "Walking
with Dinosaurs", so don't go to it expecting such! It is, and was always
intended to be, a kid-oriented adventure story.

2) In fact, it has much more in common with 2011's "Dinosaur Revolution",
in that both were intended to be non-narrated animation stories informed
by a scientific background, but stories told in the manner of the
non-vocalized Warner Brothers cartoons of old.

3) The models and motions are among the best rendered for TV or movies yet
done so far.

4) However, during the last year of production, the studios decided to
modify the premise, and step by step started adding a) a human-based frame
sequence, b) a voice to one of the comic-relief characters (an
enantiornithine who was the sidekick of the central character), c) voices
to the three juvenile Pachyrhinosaurus characters, and d) captions,
instant replays, and key statistics cutaways (only one of which survives
into the final) [as well as a map sequence, which was removed].

You can search movie reviews by professionals and fans to judge their
reactions to the final product. As the saying goes, Your Mileage May Vary.

On Sat, December 28, 2013 2:50 pm, Hammer wrote:
> Has anyone seen this yet - is it entertaining in a 'Shrek' sort of way? 
> How far out of left field are the dino-facts?
> Thanks

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