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Tonganosaurus (Early Jurassic Chinese sauropod) analyzed (free pdf (in Chinese))

From: Ben Creisler

The Chinese journal Acta Geologica Sinica appears in two versions: a
Chinese text version with 12 issues a year and an English language
version with 6 issues a year. The content can be different. The most
recent issue of the Chinese version contains this paper about the
sauropod Tonganosaurus. I don't know if a translation of this article
will appear in some future issue of the English-language version.

The paper can be downloaded for free as described below.

Yang Chunyan (2013)
Systematic Analysis Method of Sauropod: a Case Study of Tonganosaurus hei.
Acta Geologica Sinica (Chinese Edition) 87(12):  1826-1833

pdf can be downloaded from the following link. The pdf link is the
second line under "keywords".

The pdf is high resolution and downloads slowly.


This study takes Tonganosaurus hei (Li et al., 2010) as an example to
introduce a new method of sauropod dinosaurs, quantitative systematic
paleontology and its application in determining the Phylogenetic
position of new sauropod dinosaur fossil materials. There are four
links in this method: compiling and revising the statement repertory,
setting up the data base, software analysis and result analysis. Among
them, compiling and revising the statement repertory is the key link
and needs to be complemented and improved based on the fossil material
in order that no features have been omitted. Thus they are of the same
weigth in accordance with its importance. Then evolutional
relationship of Jurassic long neck sauropod dinosaur in the Sichuan
Basin was analysed by this new method. The result shows the
quantitative systematic paleontology has the advantages of objective,
fast and all sided. Most importantly, the result of the quantitative
systematic paleontology is in agreement to that of traditional
qualitative configuration analysis, indicating this method is of
supplementation and check to qualitative analysis method.