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"Riojapodus"--proposed new theropod ichnogenus from Spain and other news

From: Ben Creisler

A number of news stories and other recent items:

Back in November, Ignacio Díaz's successful defense of his doctoral
dissertation at the University of Rioja in Spain was  announced on the


A number of news stories and press releases are now out online with
more details about his research (in Spanish).

Of special note are tracks of large theropod found in Early Cretaceous
of Spain, with prints 40 cm long, corresponding to an animal estimated
to be 1.7 meters high at the hip.
The second toe had a larger (non-flexed) claw than found on toes III
and IV, a feature otherwise unknown with other theropod prints or
fossil feet, likely indicating a new taxon .

The photos shown may not be of the large theropod prints, to be named




Film footage from 1925, apparently of members of the Sternberg family
hunting dinosaur fossils in Alberta (silent):


blog link:



A review of new dinosaur discoveries in the context of the Walking
with Dinosaurs film (in French)


An article in German about respiration and air sacs in dinosaurs: