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New tyrannosaurid specimen from Ganzhou, southern China, and other news stories.

From: Ben Creisler

Some recent news stories that may be of interest:

So far I have only found this news story in Chinese. According to a
very quick translation of the text (thanks to Google Translate), the
specimen is claimed to be a "Tyrannosaurus" found near Ganzhou in
Jiangxi Province, southern China, and dating from the Late Cretaceous.
The photos show Dong Zhiming examining the specimen, which is said to
be about 80 percent complete, including much of the skull. It appears
to be new tyrannosaurid.



Map of Petrified Forest

Dinosaurs of New Mexico



In Spanish, Trinisaura from Antarctica



In German, a history of oil extraction from the Liassic
Posidonienschiefer in Germany, now most famous for its fossils of
marine reptiles: