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Re: New tyrannosaurid specimen from Ganzhou, southern China, and other news stories.

According to Google Translateion, it states:

Ganzhou Museum of Natural History staff briefed reporters on the
characteristics of the fossils
The Ganzhou first find rare Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil! January 31, the
reporter from the Natural History Museum of Ganzhou Preparatory Office was
informed that a rare dinosaur fossil unearthed in the city belong to the
carnivorous Tyrannosaurus rex after internationally renowned dinosaur
research expert Professor Dong Zhiming identification, and the fossil skull
belt bone characteristics No other classes of Tyrannosaurus rex have been
found previously in the domestic found that the most likely members of the
newly discovered dinosaur kingdom.
Two years ago, coming out of the site of the "dinosaurs" Blissful Encounter
a fossil fans
This rare dinosaur fossils unearthed in excavations dating back to two years
In mid-September 2010, the weather was unusually hot, who lives the of
Nankang City Long Zhen Mr. Xie received the phone of the person in charge of
the Nankang City, Long Ridge Industrial Park construction site, said that
part of the bone fragments fossils excavated at the site.
Mr. Xie fossil enthusiasts, likes reading and studying the fossil books. He
hurriedly rushed to the site, look carefully at the destruction of the bone
fragments by the excavator fossil skeleton fossil size and general
direction, and judging from experience. He immediately request to suspend
construction site and reported the situation to the Mineral Resources
Authority of Ganzhou. City ore Authority immediately sent staff to the scene
to direct rescue after six hours digging, unearthed a large package of five
and more than 20 small packets of "geotechnical", they were quickly
transferred to the City ore Authority custody collection.
Mr. Xie recalled that three or four batches of fossil traffickers caught on
and rushed to the scene in an attempt to secretly buy high-priced
trafficking to the field, but they did not succeed in
According to reports, in April 2011, the Ganzhou in the construction of the
Museum of Natural History and the the Ganzhou Mine Authority signed a
donation agreement, these mysterious "geotechnical" is then forwarded to the
Natural History Museum of Ganzhou Preparatory Office warehousing difficult
repair, "rock The soil "identity has been a mystery.
Up to 1 meter giant skull has a complete alveolar
In order to unlock the mystery of the identity of the "geotechnical", in
August 2012, Ganzhou Museum of Natural History Preparatory Office
commissioned renowned dinosaur fossil repair team to fix the geotechnical
fossil. Commenced in October of that year, after more than three months of
repair, experts from nearly 30 bags filled with earth, Meditation comeback
two dinosaur fossils.
According to reports, a bone fossil integrity up to 80%, even with a barb
teeth, a wisdom tooth embedded in alveolar toes as well as a complete and
Even more amazing is that this dinosaur fossil skull intact. Giant skull of
up to 1 meter, alveolar complete, maxillary slightly damaged, but there are
no missing, the front end of clouds a row of small holes, the nasal cavity
into a flat oval shape, nasal 2-3 above projections may be long like rhino
horns. Addition a fossil individual short stature, skeletal fossils are
basically complete, the head jaw is still good, the maxillary been missing.
A rare fossil characteristics which may be a new member of the
Ganzhou Museum of Natural History Preparatory Office staff, by the end of
January 2013, the internationally renowned the dinosaur research experts in
the industry. "Chinese Dinosaur King," said Professor Dong Zhiming invited
to come Ganzhou city these two peculiar shape of dinosaurs fossil specimens
for identification.
Professor Dong Zhiming carefully, amazed, said a fossil rare discovery, can
be regarded as the perfect specimen of a shock at home and abroad. He said
that the fossils are carnivorous Tyrannosaurus rex class is a rot-eating
dinosaur, also known as Tyrannosaurus. Early smaller, with the survival of
the worsening of the competitive environment, and evolve into a very
aggressive and threatening dinosaur. Its huge skull, the hindlimb thick,
eight meters in length, weighing up to 5 tons, sharp teeth on the lower jaw
bite force is huge.
The staff told reporters, Professor Dong Zhiming said the fossil skull belt
bone characteristics different from the other class of T. rex have been
found, most likely members of the newly discovered dinosaur kingdom.
Identified by Professor Dong Zhiming, another one fossil characteristics
obvious fossil stolen dragon eggs. Two different types of dinosaur fossils
mixed together, the scene at that time may the Tyrannosaurus rex prey stolen
dragon eggs are, the moment of fierce fighting occurred serious geological
disasters, the body was momentary hide, after thousands of years of constant
change before the formation of today's appearance.
Members of the public want to see a Tyrannosaurus Rex charisma needed
According to reports, the fossils have an excellent show, but also has a
high value of scientific research.
Up to 80% more than the discovery of dinosaur fossils integrity, has a good
reference to study such dinosaur physical characteristics and to survive and
multiply on the paleoclimate and palaeogeomorphology of Ganzhou, especially
late Cretaceous period (about 9000 million years ago to 65 million years
ago) to Early Tertiary strata has a very good value.
Ganzhou Museum of Natural History Preparatory Office staff, the museum is in
full swing in the external decoration and internal exhibit. Expected this
precious dinosaur family members will be installed officially opened a good
frame, display to the public.
It is learned that the Gannan crust in the Yanshan movement rise to the
formation of a large number of lakes, basins, paleoclimate warmer, moist,
and provide favorable conditions for the reproduction of dinosaurs, so
people are more dinosaur eggs found in Southern dinosaur fossils.
Expert Profile
Dong Zhiming, was born in January 1937, Weihai, Shandong, China, the famous
Dong Zhiming, 1962, graduated from Fudan University, Department of Biology,
incumbent Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology
researcher. Dong Zhiming long been engaged in the collection of dinosaur
fossils and research work, the author of the story of the "dinosaurs" of the
dinosaur popular science books, records and named the dinosaur new genus and
species of 36 kinds of Chinese dinosaur king "reputation.
Dong Zhiming has led the excavation and study of dinosaur fossils in China
Zigong and Lufengosaurus, etc., to assist in the construction of the Zigong
Dinosaur Museum, the the Lufeng world Dinosaur Valley.
1986, Dong Zhiming has organized and led the "China - Canada dinosaur Plan
numerous international scientific expeditions into the Arctic expedition,
and in 1986 and 1989, twice.

Ganzhou Evening easy to Ping Hu Zhao Yi Lin

On 2/1/13 12:44 PM, "Ben Creisler" <bcreisler@gmail.com> wrote:

> From: Ben Creisler
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> Some recent news stories that may be of interest:
> So far I have only found this news story in Chinese. According to a
> very quick translation of the text (thanks to Google Translate), the
> specimen is claimed to be a "Tyrannosaurus" found near Ganzhou in
> Jiangxi Province, southern China, and dating from the Late Cretaceous.
> The photos show Dong Zhiming examining the specimen, which is said to
> be about 80 percent complete, including much of the skull. It appears
> to be new tyrannosaurid.
> http://www.uua.cn/news/show-14751-1.html
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