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New dinosaur eggs from China

From: Ben Creisler

I didn't include this new paper about dinosaur eggs from the January
Vertebrata PalAsiatica in a recent post:

WANG Qiang, ZHAO Zi-Kui, WANG Xiao-Lin, ZHANG Shu-Kang & JIANG Yan-Gen (2013)
New forms of dictyoolithids from the Tiantai Basin, Zhejiang Province
of China and a parataxonomic revision of the dictyoolithids.
Vertebrata PalAsiatica 51 (1): 43-54

Dinosaur eggs collected from the Upper Cretaceous Chichengshan
Formation in the Tiantai Basin of Zhejiang Province are referable to
the oofamily Dictyoolithidae. On the basis of general external shape,
size, eggshell thickness, and eggshell composed of 3-4 superimposed
slender shell units with a reticulate organization, a new oogenus and
two oospecies, Paradictyoolithus zhuangqianensis oogen. et oosp. nov.,
and P. xiaxishanensis oogen. et oosp. nov., are erected. The
Dictyoolithidae is previously represented by one oogenus and four
oospecies, Dictyoolithus hongpoensis, D. neixiangensis, D. jiangi, and
D. gongzhulingensis, all of which are known exclusively from the
Cretaceous of China. We re-examined the holotypes of the four
oospecies, established a new oogenus Protodictyoolithus, and propose
only D. hongpoensis belong to the Dictyoolithus, the other that three
species of Dictyoolithus should be reassigned to Protodictyoolithus
neixiangensis comb. nov., P. jiangi comb. nov. and Similifaveoolithus
gongzhulingensis comb. nov., respectively.

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