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Legged robot with weighted tail corners well

It is hard not to sometimes view things from a dinosaur related perspective. This is a short account (with video) of a legged
robot with a weighted tail. After "that's neat" my next thought
was about the weight of a dinosaur's tail and maneuverability.


We recently showed you a speedy cardboard cockroach, ranked as one of the fastest robots in the world. But its tailed relative is equally impressive: it can turn precisely without slowing down, allowing it to corner more rapidly than any other legged robot to date.

Developed by Nick Kohut and colleagues from the University of California, Berkeley, the robot swings its tail to alter course at a variety of angles. This video shows how it can swiftly do a 360- or 180-degree turn, take a corner and even meander on rocky terrain when its tail is actuated.

As its tail turns one way, its body moves in the opposite direction to compensate for the change in angular momentum, similar to what a lizard does in the air or on the ground. The tail must move quickly to overcome friction and turn the robot.

Would like to see this done with a 2 legged robot...