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Re: Rép : Post–K-Pg Radiation of Placentals -- open access!!!

Mike Keesey <keesey@gmail.com> wrote:

> I note that they phylogenetically define a number of clade names,
> including a few new ones:

Yes, the table of definitions is quite helpful.  Among other things,
Ferae is restricted to the creodont+carnivoran clade, and Ostentoria
(which I'd never heard of previously, though it's not new) therefore
includes Pholidota (pangolins) and Ferae.

Also a number of other proposed clades are *not* used - thankfully.
Cetancodonta is used instead of Whippomorpha for the
hippopotamid+cetacean clade.  Lagomorphamorpha is not used; the much
older Duplicidentata is used instead, which seems to approximate it in

> (Although Icaronycteris and
> Onychonycteris as a clade[!] of stem-microbats [not stem-bats!] is
> also odd.)

Yes; although apparently this topology is sensitive to the analysis
used.  Bayesian recovers these two (_Icaronycteris_ and
_Onychonycteris_) as stem-chiropterans (stem-bats).

A similar thing happens to _Archaeopteryx_ vis-a-vis avialans (birds)
when Bayesian analysis is used, IIRC (from one study, anyway).