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Re: Why most students can't draw accurate dinosaurs and other news

> Australian fish and possible early tetrapod site gets no research
> funding
> http://www.smh.com.au/environment/conservation/prehistoric-fossil-site-too-old-to-get-research-help-20130209-2e4zm.html

Argh. The tristichopterids *Canowindra* and *Cabonnichthys* come immediately to 
mind. (*Eusthenopteron* is also a tristichopterid.)

BTW, I find it interesting how the "Science Reporter" still thinks in 
categories from... if ever, then the early 20th century. Per Ahlberg isn't "a 
leading Swedish paleontologist"; there is no such thing! He's one of the 
_world's_ top specialists in Devonian and Early Carboniferous tetrapodomorphs. 
Countries don't do their own isolated science.