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Re: Rép : Post–K-Pg Radiation of Placentals -- open access!!!

Problematically, "Colbertia" is  already the name of a notoungulate
> genus. And since they find Notoungulata (as represented by
> Thomashuxleya eterna) to form part of the tethythere stem group,
> Colbertia is a "colbertian"!

Ouch, ouch.

What's so eternal about Thomashuxleya?

Some very interesting findings.  Perhaps the strangest is Rodhocetus
> balochistanensis as a stem-euungulate!

That one suddenly makes sense when you look at the morphology-only and molecules-only trees. Quite the headdesk moment. More on this later.

(Although Icaronycteris and  Onychonycteris as a clade[!] of
> stem-microbats [not stem-bats!] is also odd.)

That may be due to the known tendency of Bayesian inference, when given a flat prior on tree shape, to gather basal twigs into larger clades to make the tree more symmetric.