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Re: Rép : Post–K-Pg Radiation of Placentals -- open access!!!

Uh, that bit about Bayesian inference was about *Icaronycteris* and *Onychonycteris* forming a clade, not about them coming out as microbats, which they don't when BI is used.

Good point. I didn't mean to  imply that the only arboreal Mesozoic
> mammals were therians. The gliding _Volaticotherium (lately regarded
> as a eutriconodont) was also arboreal, and _Argentoconodon_ (a
> putative close relative) might also have been an arboreal glider. The
> synapsid _Suminia_ is inferred to have been arboreal much earlier
> (Late Permian).

Of all these (plus *Ichthyoconodon*, known from teeth similar to *Argentoconodon* and the teeth of *Volaticotherium*), only the arboreality of *Henkelotherium* seems to be homologous to that of Theria. I should also have mentioned Spalacotheroidea, likewise thought to have been arboreal and in the same general region of the tree.