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Feduccia on bird origins (again)

A new paper that hasn't been mentioned on the list yet:

Feduccia A 2013 Bird origins anew. The Auk 130(1):1-12

There are several references to _Xiaotingia_ and the recent
description of feathered ornithomimosaurs in the paper, but on the
whole it's just the usual collection of non sequiturs, straw men,
paranoid rants about "censorship", and contempt for algorithmic
phylogenetics (with the exception of three specific analyses that
support the author's preconceived notions -- those are great, of
course). Some of Feduccia's claims are outright lies; for example, he
states that the BANDit paper by James & Pourtless (2009) has never
been "cited in recent paleontological literature".


James FC, Pourtless JA 2009 Cladistics and the origins of birds: a
review and two new analyses. Ornithol Monogr 66: 1-78

David Černý