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Dear Listmebers
Thanks for the articles you posted to me.
I take this opportunity to ask kindly if you also have these:

Veldmeijer, A.J. 1998. The Leiden specimen of Coloborhynchus
(Pterosauria). In: Jagt, J.W.M, P.H. Lambers,
E.W.A. Mulder & A.S. Schulp. Eds. 1998. Third European Workshop on Vertebrate
Palaeontology, Maastricht, 6–9 May 1998, Programme and Abstracts,
Field guide. – Maastricht,
Natuurhistorisch Museum Maastricht: 69.

KELLNER, A. W. A. (2006): Pterossauros – os Senhores do Céu do
Brasil. Relato inédito da aventura de importantes descobertas da
paleontologia; Rio de Janeiro (Vieira & Lent), 176 pp.

Thank you