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New dicynodont from Permian in Russia (news story)

From: Ben Creisler

I can’t find an English-language version of this news story at the
moment. From what I can gather, the skull of a dicynodont (by some
reports, a new genus and species) has been found near Kirov in Russia.
The following news article in Russian has an interview with Russian
paleontologist Albert Khlyupin about the find and about Suminia, with
a reconstruction. Google Translate doesn’t handle the Russian names
for "theromorphs" or "cynodonts" too well, however.


The English-language version of the Vyatka Palaeontological Museum
site only has translated news stories from last year—so maybe an
English translation will be posted in the future.  Anyway, clicking on
the Fauna links brings up photos and artwork as well as text.

The Russian version of the museum site has the text of the same news
article in the link above but no photos or artwork.