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15th Annual PaleoFest- Late Cretaceous Symposium

Dear Friends,

Burpee Museum's historic 15th Annual PaleoFest is scheduled for March
2nd and 3rd, 2013 (Sat/Sun).  We have been collaborating with Dr.
Michael Ryan (CMNH) to expand our usual PaleoFest presentations into
full symposium titled:
The End of the Dinosaurs: Changes in the Late Cretaceous Biosphere.   

This special symposium is going to focus on the faunal/floral diversity,
disparity and turnover from the late Campanian, Maastrichtian through
K/P.  We will have 25+ presentations on Late Cretaceous
paleoenvironments/paleobotany, invertebrates, turtles, crocodiles,
pterosaurs, marine reptiles, mammals, dinosaurs (Ankylosaurs,
Hadrosaurs, Ceratopsids, Tyrannosaurs, small Ornithopods, small
Theropods, etc), the K/P event and Paleocene recovery.  The proceedings
will be published as a volume.  

Additionally, our keynote dinner speaker will be Dr. Jack Horner.  

Presenters we have confirmed thus far include;

Philip Currie
Eva Koppelhus
Kirk Johnson
Michael Ryan
Don Brinkman 
Nic Campione
Steve Brusatte
Thomas Carr 
Thomas Williamson
Greg Wilson 
Rodolfo Coria 
Mark Loewen
Mark Goodwin 
Scott Sampson
Ian Miller 
Andy Farke
Nathan Carroll 
Thomas Holtz
And several more are pending.  For additional info on PaleoFest; dates,
times and costs please visit http://www.burpee.org/PaleoFest2013_003.asp
We have special one and two day registration rate for students.  

If anyone has any questions feel free to email me.  Hope to celebrate 15
years of PaleoFest with you!

Scott Williams
Director of Exhibits and Science
Burpee Museum of Natural History
737 N. Main St.
Rockford, IL 61103