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Re: Thalattoarchon, giant ichthyosaur from Middle Triassic of Nevada

Dnia 7-01-2013 o godz. 23:44 David Marjanovic napisał(a):
> > Its presence documents the  rapid evolution of modern marine
>  > ecosystems in the Triassic where the same level of complexity as
>  > observed in today?s marine ecosystems is reached within 8 My after
>  > the Permian-Triassic mass extinction and within 4 My of the time
>  > reptiles first invaded the sea.
> ...Wow.

8, 4... or sudden divine creation if we read the incomplete fossil record 
literally... ;) Or is it just that reptiles started to invide the water BEFORE 
the P/T. I know, I know...

> > This find also indicates that  the biotic recovery in the marine realm
>  > may have occurred faster compared with terrestrial ecosystems, where
>  > the first apex predators may not have evolved before the Carnian.
> Uh, what about *Erythrosuchus* and the like?

>From the paper:
"Although large predators such as the rauisuchians Erythrosuchus and 
Ticinosuchus appear in the terrestrial rock record in the Anisian (38), it has 
been suggested that full recovery on land was not reached until the Late 
Triassic, 30 My after the P/T extinction (39)."

And one more thing: as a layman, I see no good indicator of the original shape 
and lenght of the - largerly unpreserved - rostrum, so the total body lenght 
value and its implications may not be valid...