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The further (previous) adventures of Thecodontosaurus alophos

Overlooked in the discussion of Nyasasaurus and Thecodontosaurus
alophos was the note in the description's supplementary text that
another of Charig's dissertation names, "Teleocrater rhadinus", may
also include Nyasasaurus material. This is noteworthy because
Teleocrater and "Thecodontosaurus" alophos have been connected before,
albeit partially concealed by a typo:

Galton and Cluver (1976) published a description of Anchisauridae,
including a list of rejected species. One of these (p. 152) is the
"pseudosuchian" Teleocrater alphos, which is simply Thecodontosaurus
alophos misspelled and under a different genus. Its type has the same
catalog number as the type of "Thecodontosaurus" alophos, with some
leeway for changing institutional notation (SAM-10654 versus
SAM-PK-K10654), but Galton and Cluver only reported two cervicals
instead of three cervicals and two dorsals. The source of the
combination is reported as Charig (1967), p. 712 (I have not seen
this, but reportedly it is just a faunal list). The interesting thing
about this is that the authors treated the binomial like any valid

Charig, A. J. 1967. Archosauria. Pages 708-718 in: The fossil record.
A symposium with documentation. Geological Society of London, London.
Galton, P. M., and M. A. Cluver. 1976. Anchisaurus capensis (Broom)
and a revision of the Anchisauridae: Reptilia, Saurischia. Annals of
the South African Museum 69(6):121–159. (can be viewed in full in a
variety of formats at