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Re: Retrodeformed diplodocid vertebrae and phylogeny

From: Ben Creisler

As far as I can tell, the diplodocid vertebrae paper has not been
officially posted on the Palaeontologia Electronica site yet. Both
papers have been listed for a few weeks as "in press articles (coming
soon)"--the tooth paper became available this morning and I expect the
diplodocid paper with be available in a few days.

A number of journals post the titles of papers before either pre-print
or official versions are available. This happened with the recent
Piksi paper in Geodiversitas, which was up as a title with authors for
a few weeks before it could be downloaded.

For example, the site for Revista Mexicana de Ciencias Geológicas has
had the following title in its "en presa" section for a time with no
abstract or other info. We can only wait.

A new Abelisauroid from the Upper Cretaceous of Brazil
Un nuevo Abelisaurodo del Cretácico Superior de Brasil
Elaine Batista Machado, Diogenes de A. Campos, Jorge O. Calvo, and
Alexander W.A. Kellner