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Re: Retrodeformed diplodocid vertebrae and phylogeny

On Fri, 11 Jan 2013, Jocelyn Falconnet wrote:

The new Palaeontologia Electronica is out: one of the papers it includes is about tooth microstructure in two archosaurs (see Ben's previous mail). The second paper might be of some interest for some of you, but the paper is strangely unavailable:

Emanuel Tschopp, João Russo, and Gordon Dzemski. 2013. Retrodeformation as a test for the validity of phylogenetic characters: an example from diplodocid sauropod vertebrae. Palaeontologi Electronica 16(1).

Found on : http://palaeo-electronica.org/content/indexes/2013-1-table-of-contents

As you can see, there are two hypertext links that are working just fine, but there is none on the title of this particular paper. And I was unable to get it using the "Browing" thumbnail either...

Is it just an omission ?

Searching on some text from the title, I found


which goes to a page that says "restricted content" and requires a password.