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RE: JP 4

Yes David .. good point. Those would be sequels .. not remakes.

> Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2013 21:29:52 +0100
> From: david.marjanovic@gmx.at
> To: dinosaur@usc.edu
> Subject: Re: JP 4
> > Godzilla .. Jaws .. Please .. NO MORE REMAKES !!!
> JP4 won't be a remake. It'll be... <scary music>... a sequel.
> > I did suggest [if they were listening at all] that if they really
> > wanted to recapture an awe inspiring film of this genre .. to look no
> > further than Karel Zeman's masterpiece "Cesta du Pravaku" of the
> > 1950's .. at least the spirit of it.

> Cesta do pravěku ("journey to primordial time" in Czech... or is it 
> "path" instead of "journey", or is that only in Slovak?) is indeed 
> awesome and an essential part of any classical education. A remake of 
> that one might work... but I don't quite see the point in doing one... 
> :-) Make sure you don't get the version with the Americanized beginning.

The Americanized version was pure butchery. Best forgotten but .. it was
the version I saw as a child [?? 1955] and it most impressed me at the time.
The farm .. lake .. boat in the original is near identical to the one I grew
up on. And yes .. there were 4 of us farm kids. We sometimes rafted on that
minature lake. So I and my little colleagues nearly lived that part of the 

But I wasn't really thinking of a motion picture remake. It would work a lot
better as a T.V. series to teach about palaeoecosystems throughout time through
the eyes of children .. no adults. It would work a lot better in the format of
an ancient pre-Star Trek series once called LOST IN SPACE. Each episode would
be based upon a geological stage of Earth history. 3 episodes per stage as the
kiddies explore that world. It would take 10 years to complete 30 episodes/year.

What would really be exciting is watching these kids grow up. Throw in a couple 
puppies. Watch them grow as well.  Lassie anybody ??

Wait .. wait .. saliva dribbling down my chin again. Oh yes .. once again I 
myself spitting into the wind.