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RE: JP 4

Sorry David .. I seem to have lost that last communique.
So I'll restate part of it.

You say you don't quite see the point of a remake of Zeman's
film classic. Well .. there is no point. I think it would be
a waste of time .. if it were turned into a stand alone film.

But .. big but here .. its potential is absolutely enormous.
It couldn't be any larger. Now I realise I'm spitting into the
wind here .. but does anybody else see this ??

It would work [and make us forget JP I/ II/ III ever existed].
Zeman hit upon an idea but couldn't follow up on it. Technology
too primitive .. knowledge barely adequate .. funding non-existant.

This would work only as an advanced T.V. series aimed at the next
generation. A 300 episode series dealing with a group of children
being pulled back in time. Each segment would deal chronologically 
with a geological stage of Earth history. 2-3 episodes devoted to 
each STAGE. An entire generation growing up on the concept of DEEP
TIME and actually recognizing the discreet measurements of time
associated with EACH geological stage. This is accomplished by 
devoting 2-3 episodes to each such STAGE.

So much could be devoted to the biota of each STAGE given 3 episodes
to concentrate on.

Toy manufacturers would be punching out plastic scale models of 
every 3 episodes seen in the series. Of course .. they would need 
quite a lead time to set this up. 

A 300 episode series would take 10 years to complete. With a couple
puppies thrown in .. audiences worldwide would be watching these kids
and pets growing up together .. in one harrowing adventure after another
[anybody recall the interesting format of LOST-IN-SPACE .. the last 
pre-Star Trek TV space series ??].

It would take a personal attachment to this teaching of geological time
to a lay audience. They would be astounded by the ebb and flow of 
palaeoecosystems throughout time. We could teach so much using this kind
of personal format.

Downside ?? Get $U.S. 3 billion together 1st.

I'm outa spit .. 
> Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2013 21:29:52 +0100
> From: david.marjanovic@gmx.at
> To: dinosaur@usc.edu
> Subject: Re: JP 4
> > Godzilla .. Jaws .. Please .. NO MORE REMAKES !!!
> JP4 won't be a remake. It'll be... <scary music>... a sequel.
> > I did suggest [if they were listening at all] that if they really
> > wanted to recapture an awe inspiring film of this genre .. to look no
> > further than Karel Zeman's masterpiece "Cesta du Pravaku" of the
> > 1950's .. at least the spirit of it.
> Cesta do pravěku ("journey to primordial time" in Czech... or is it 
> "path" instead of "journey", or is that only in Slovak?) is indeed 
> awesome and an essential part of any classical education. A remake of 
> that one might work... but I don't quite see the point in doing one... 
> :-) Make sure you don't get the version with the Americanized beginning.