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Re: Help with meaning "Urschwinge" for name Archaeopteryx

Just for the sake of completeness, here are a few nits picked from your translations -- none detracts at all from your points:

Das Thier scheint mit beiden  Füssen gleichzeitig fortgehüpft zu
> seyn, wie es Vögel oft zu thun pflegen, [...] dass diese Fährten
> gerade von diesem Urvogel herrühren, in welchem Falle allerdings die
> kleine vierte Zehe seines Fusses keinen Abdruck hinterlassen haben
> würde.
> The animal appears to have hopped forward with both feet at the same
> time,

Not "forward", but "away".

as birds are often in the habit  of doing;

Or "as birds are in the habit of doing often". Part of the confusion is caused by the fact that the "zu [...] pflegen" part is completely redundant.

that these tracks come from  this Urvogel [primordial bird],

There's "just"/"precisely" in there.

in which case, though, no  impression of the small fourth toe on its
> foot would have been left.

"in which case, though, the small fourth toe of its foot would not have left (behind) an impression". The passive voice would be _in welchem Falle allerdings kein Abdruck der kleinen vierten Zehe seines Fußes hinterlassen worden wäre_... or rather _sein würde_ instead of _wäre_, given that the original has _haben würde_ instead of _hätte_; that'd give us four verb forms in a row.