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PDF request for Holland, 1924

Hi all,

Apologies for the spam, but I was wondering if anyone could send me a
PDF of the following paper:

Holland, W. J. 1924. The skull of Diplodocus. Memoirs of the Carnegie
Museum 9:379-403.

I have searched extensively on the internet with no success (volumes
1-7 are online at Biodiversity Heritage Library  though...), and
neither of the universities with which I am affiliated has a hard
copy. I have a very poor scan of the paper which has sections of text
crossed out and reproductions of the images that are effectively
useless. If anyone has a better scan, I would be most grateful to be
sent a copy.



Dr. Stephen Poropat

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Uppsala University
Villavägen 16
SE-752 36 Uppsala

Research Associate
Australian Age of Dinosaurs
PO Box 408
Winton 4735