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Re: Help with meaning "Urschwinge" for name Archaeopteryx

Although German fort means  “away,” I would point out that some
> German verbs with fort such as fortschreiten mean to “stride forward,
> to advance, to progress”--

Never "stride forward"; it only has metaphorical meanings, like indeed "to advance" and "to progress" but also "to proceed"; the noun, Fortschritt, means "progress".

and fortbewegen means “to move  ahead.”

Oh no, it means "to locomote". No direction is implied, just "away from the spot".

_However_, what I don't know is how all of this may have changed since the 1860s. Standard German has been changing a lot more quickly than Standard English, let alone Standard French, in its vocabulary and (to a lesser extent) grammar.

Maybe “hopped along” would be a  better fit.

That would be _entlanggehüpft_ and trigger the question "along what?" -- nowadays anyway, see above.