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Re: Metal object found in Carboniferous coal and other news

Rescued from truncation.


What is quite funny is that none of the so-called Russian experts seems to have questioned the age of this object. Not that there are no scientific experts in Russia - but why asking a biologist, for instance ?

Anyway, the title "300-million-year-old UFO tooth-wheel" alone is hilarious. I mean, do they really think UFO have gears ? And why do they think it comes from a UFO - alien synapomorphies ? Seriouly... :-/


Le 24/01/2013 19:47, Mark Pauline a écrit :
I saw this too but everyone knows, right, that coal must be mined, and that=
this is obviously a fragment of mining machinery? One of the stories has a=
list of other objects that ahve been found in coal and one is described as=
"a hammer or the landing gear of a space capsule". It is obviously a miner=
's pick.

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