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"Velociraptor" embryo claim in Peru and Charente fossils go to French museum (news)

From: Ben Creisler

Some recent news stories:

Claim of "Velociraptor" embryo found in Peru (in Spanish)

Last week I posted a news story about a dinosaur egg found in Peru
(not Spain as I first mislabeled it, and then had to send a quick
correction). The claim is now being made that the specimen is in fact
a fossil embryo of a "velociraptor." However, this claim has not been
confirmed by a detailed scientific examination by a paleontologist. As
I understand the video, the identification of the fossil as a
"velociraptor" was based on a check of images on the Internet. Anyway,
the video gives a rather blurry view of the specimen. Maybe later news
stories will have a clearer image and more in-depth information.





Charente dinosaur fossils go to Angouleme Museum in France and
collection gets legal status as protected "national treasure" (in