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Re: "Velociraptor" embryo claim in Peru and Charente fossils go to French museum (news)

From: Ben Creisler

The images for the third news source have been replaced since I
originally copied the url early this morning when I saw the story
online. What was there originally was a very blurry image taken off
television. Now the new photos of the supposed "velociraptor" embryo
are clear. As has been pointed out to me, the new images clearly show
some kind of modern marsupial, skinned or mummified. If this is what
the TV presentation was showing, this is clearly some kind of hoax
that involved local officials who were duped or just confused. Chalk
this up to the same category of stories as the guy who has been
claiming that a lump rock is actually a fossil bigfoot head. Sorry for
wasting people's time--unless you got a laugh out of it. This story
made national television in Peru and was in many media sources.


> On 7/1/13 12:40 PM, "Ben Creisler" <bcreisler@gmail.com> wrote:
>>From: Ben Creisler
>>Some recent news stories:
>>Claim of "Velociraptor" embryo found in Peru (in Spanish)
>>Last week I posted a news story about a dinosaur egg found in Peru
>>(not Spain as I first mislabeled it, and then had to send a quick
>>correction). The claim is now being made that the specimen is in fact
>>a fossil embryo of a "velociraptor." However, this claim has not been
>>confirmed by a detailed scientific examination by a paleontologist. As
>>I understand the video, the identification of the fossil as a
>>"velociraptor" was based on a check of images on the Internet. Anyway,
>>the video gives a rather blurry view of the specimen. Maybe later news
>>stories will have a clearer image and more in-depth information.
>>Charente dinosaur fossils go to Angouleme Museum in France and
>>collection gets legal status as protected "national treasure" (in