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Genyornis (?) depicted in ancient Aboriginal rock art and other paleo news

From: Ben Creisler

A few not necessarily dino-related news items that still may be of
interest to some:

Ancient Aboriginal art in Australia may depict giant extinct bird Genyornis



In Chinese:

More on new Chinese ankylosaur fossils with better photo of the bony club






DML gets cited in Chinese news story about Peru "Velociraptor fetus" mess


Here's rough translation of part of the story, based on Google Translate:

  But Beastmaster further to find the original source of this news,
the foreign site to see the so-called "Velociraptor embryos" photos
easily from the appearance completely rule out any possibility of the
dinosaurs. As for the so-called "Velociraptor embryo fossil" true
identity Beastmaster not entirely sure, but tend to be mummified small

    July 6 Beastmaster read Dinosaur Mailing List, found that many
foreign paleontology enthusiasts and scholars also hold a similar
view, and it was clear support for the so-called "Velociraptor embryo
fossil" is actually an opossum mummy.

    Beastmaster also informed that the dinosaur mailing list on July
3, has San Marcos University Museum of Natural History paleontologist
Rodolfo Salas, Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources Project
Leader César Chacaltana the media to clarify that the "Velociraptor
fossil embryos "The history is not more than one thousand years, and
teeth and skin texture analysis indicates that this is a mammal. As
the local mayor Manuel Alpaca and no relevant knowledge, in order to
attract the local tourism industry, in the absence of relevant case
studies prematurely published this error message.

French Academy website has free podcasts

For those who understand French, the Académie française has a website
(Canal Académie: http://www.canalacademie.com) with podcast interviews
with French-speaking experts, as well as podcasts of public talks, on
all sorts of topics (science, history, the arts). Funding issues have
been a serious problem recently and the site has tried to build its
subscription base to survive. However, a small number of podcasts have
been freely available at any particular time. Over the summer this
year, the site has suspended new broadcasts but is making ALL its
archive of old broadcasts  available for free. The podcasts include a
number from French paleontologists and other  paleo-experts. Google
searches on topics (in French) and "Canal Academie" can turn up more.

Philippe Taquet

Yves Coppens

Darwin as subject

Philippe Janvier, paleontologist

Human prehistory and related topics