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Hulkepholis, new goniopholid crocodile in Spanish Journal of Palaontology

From: Ben Creisler

The journal Revista española de paleontología has changed its title to
Spanish Journal of Palaontology and will publish articles in English.
A new issue is out but I can't find much information for now--no
abstracts or links to the texts.  In any case, here is a link to the
contents of the new issue:


More info should be available in the near future.

Three papers are about Mesozoic vertebrates:

Rasskin-Gutman, D., Elez, J., Esteve-Altava, B. & López-Martínez, N.
2013. Reconstruction of the internal structure of the pore system of a
complex dinosaur eggshell (Megaloolithus siruguei). Spanish Journal of
Palaeontology, 28 (1): 61-68.

Bardet, N., Martin, G., Corral, J.C., Pereda Suberbiola, X. & Astibia,
H. 2013. New mosasaurid teeth (Reptilia: Squamata) from the
Maastrichtian of Albaina (Laño Quarry, Condado de Treviño). Spanish
Journal of Palaeontology, 28 (1): 69-78.

Buscalioni, A.D., Alcalá, L., Espílez, E. & Mampel, L. 2013. European
Goniopholididae from the Early Albian Escucha Formation in Ariño
(Teruel, Aragon, Spain). Spanish Journal of Palaeontology, 28 (1):

New taxa:
Hulkepholis plotos gen. n., sp. n. and Anteophthalmosuchus escuchae sp. n.