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Hadrosaur skeleon found in Coahuila State, Mexico and other news

From: Ben Creisler

A few of recent dino-related news stories:

Hadrosaur skeleon found in Coahuila State in Mexico (in Spanish)


Here's a paragraph with an English translation, modified from Google Translate:

“Es un hadrosaurio, falta ver si es un pico de pato o un hadrosaurio
normal como un isauria o algo así. Tiene más de 70 millones de años de
edad y la ventaja es que es una pieza que hasta ahorita la hemos
encontrado totalmente articulada, en la cola todavía están sus
vértebras acomodadas”.

[It is a hadrosaur, but we need to see if it's a duck-bill or a normal
hadrosaur like a Latirhinus [nicknamed Isauria] or something like
that. It is more than 70 million years old and the advantage is that
it is a specimen that so far we have found fully articulated, the
vertebrae in the tail are still arranged in place. ]

[[Note that "Isauria" was  a nickname given to Latirhinus:



Tataouinea story with photos (in Italian)


Isle of Wight dinosaurs (in English)