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Re: Dinosaur tracks at James Price Point, Western Australia: recent developments

Is y7mail affiliated with Yahoo!? I ask because it causes triggers the snippage 
demon just like Yahoo! does:

Gesendet: Donnerstag, 11. Juli 2013 um 08:16 Uhr
Von: "Tony Thulborn" <paswamp@y7mail.com>
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Betreff: Dinosaur tracks at James Price Point, Western Australia: recent 

> Mr Barnett was keen to get started on his epoch-making project, awaiting only 
> approval
> by the Australian federal government…   And th
>    You can imagine the scenario.

> Industrial development of James Price Point has long been a
> pet project of the Western Australian premier, who imagines it as a “second
> Dubai”, a magnet to attract commerce and migration into the sparsely-populated
> northern part of Western Australia.

Uh, there's a good reason why the northern part of Western Australia is 
sparsely populated: it's a desert!
> Within the space of 48 hours
> Mr Barnett had reorganized his parliamentary duties and assumed additional
> responsibility as Western Australia’s new Minister for Science.[6]   (The 
> first media release from the premier's office didn’t state this explicitly:  
> it said only that Mr Barnett was very enthusiastic about
> romote it.  Subsequent media
> releases have disclosed rather casually that he is now the WA Minister for
> Science.  Politicians are rarely so
> modest about their promotion to new ministerial appointments.)


> In 2011 the chairman of the WA Technology and Industry
> Advisory Council resigned after four months in the job, complaining that
> scientific research and development were not being taken seriously by Mr
> Barnett’s government.[8]   The shadow
> Science Minister remarked that the Barnett government had treated the Council
> with contempt (sic) and slashed its science and innovation programs.  In its 
> budget for 2009-10 the WA state
> government had allocated more than Aus $50 million to science and innovation
> grants, but every year thereafter the allocation has been substantially
> reduced.  I
> r 2013-14.

Snippage. And why "sic"?
> Nevertheless Mr Barnett continues to insist that his dream
> of a great canal is not dead and that “from a technical or engineering point 
> of
> view, it’s not difficult to do”.[10]

That may well be. It just doesn't mean the plan wouldn't simply be a lot of 
work and therefore stupidly expensive; and finally, many a massively stupid 
project is feasible.

> Those who welcomed news of the reprieve for Jam
> Point and the Kimberley ought to be seriously worried by Mr Barnett’s 
> intention
> to get “closer to the pure science and the research”.[11]

I guess the snipped part here is just "es Price"?