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Re: Yet more on dinosaur quad climbers

Collected thoughts...

-- Mike Habib's e-mails, even the latest one, arrive here without line breaks 
in their paragraphs; my interface wraps the lines at the edge of the window, 
but there are some that don't do that and instead have you scroll horizontally 
for enormous distances. The reason may be that Windows linebreaks and Mac 
linebreaks aren't the same character.

-- "What use is half a wing?" That's the classical question. Parachuting? 
Gliding? Display? Brooding?

-- The GFTR hypothesis still needs a way to get from gliding to flapping. I'm 
also not sure if a glider rather than a parachuter would really result, and why 
a perching foot or some other such adaptation wouldn't evolve pretty soon after 
selection pressure for roosting set in. The weka kept falling off.

-- Weird shit happens. The argument from personal incredulity is a logical 

-- The ability to retract the head into the shell evolved twice independently 
in turtles, and not very soon. *Proganochelys* and *Meiolania*, to mention just 
two, were clearly incapable of any such retraction.

-- Brooklyn isn't mythical in the mind of the world at all. Most of the world 
only knows it's part of New York. And the only person I've seen quoting 
themself as a signature before was John A Davison.