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RE: Yet more on dinosaur quad climbers

> But we can't be certain that halluces are inevitable can we?

Oh no; I mean adaptations to climbing or perching in general -- anything that 
would stop the weka from falling off all the time.

> Halluces, in fact, may have arisen just once, in the last common ancestor of 
> Confuciusornis and all crown group birds, and been inherited by 
> enantiornithines as well.

Looks like it, except I don't quite remember what the feet of *Sapeornis* look 

> The Kagu (Rhynochetos) [...] has large wings, and has the same mass and 
> wingspan as Microraptor. It has no sternal keel.

Now this is interesting!

*Microraptor* had very narrow wings, though, didn't it? I used to think the 
hindwings compensated for this, but if they stuck out caudoventrally instead of 
laterally, they couldn't have.