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Looking for pdf of paper on Hermann von Meyer

From: Ben Creisler

I've been trying to find a pdf of a paper in German that came out in
2002. I have tried contacting the author and a number of other people,
as well as looking for a pdf online. So far, I  have had no luck.  I
thought I would try the DML just in case. The volume about Hermann von
Meyer is out-of-print and may not have been put into electronic form.
It's a fairly short paper but it would still be useful to some
historical research I am conducting. Many thanks to anyone who might
be able to help.

Christine Hertler (2002)
Entwicklung als schöpferische Thätigkeit in der Natur - Das
Evolutionskonzept C. E. Hermann von Meyers.
Hermann von Meyer - Frankfurter Bürger und Begründer der
Wirbeltierpaläontologie in Deutschland
Zentralblatt für Geologie und Paläontologie Teil II, Jg. 2002, Heft 3/4 :8-10