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New theropod egg sites from Late Jurassic of Portugal

From: Ben Creisler

A new online paper:

Vasco Ribeiro, Octávio Mateus, Femke Holwerda, Ricardo Araújo & Rui
Castanhinha (2013)
Two new theropod egg sites from the Late Jurassic Lourinhã Formation, Portugal.
Historical Biology (advance online publication)

Two new Late Jurassic (uppermost Late Kimmeridgian) dinosaur eggshell
sites are described, Casal da Rola and Porto das Barcas, both near
Lourinhã, central-west Portugal. Casal da Rola yields eggshells with
an obliquiprismatic morphotype comparable to those from a nest with
the associated fossil embryos from Paimogo, tentatively assigned to
the theropod Lourinhanosaurus antunesi. The Porto das Barcas eggshells
have a dendrospherulitic morphotype with a prolatocanaliculate pore
system. This morphotype was also recognised in eggshells from a clutch
with associated Torvosaurus embryos at the Porto das Barcas locality.
A preliminary cladistic analysis of eggshell morphology suggests
theropod affinities for the Casal da Rola eggs, but is unable to
resolve the phylogenetic position of the Porto das Barcas eggs. The
eggshells at both sites are preserved in distal flood plain mudstones
and siltstones. Carbonate concretions within the deposits indicate
paleosol development.