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Re: Fwd: Aw: RE: Arboreal Theropods: The prize at the bottom of the cracker jack box

Tim Williams -- If a non->avialan theropod adopted the
>same posture as a >perching/roosting bird,

Why would they do that? Surely we can assume that all theropods had a neutral 
standing pose, wherever it might be on the basal ---> knee-walking continuum. 
It sounds like you are arguing that one must pretend to be a bird to stand on a 

> it might render the body
>very unstable (especially considering the relative length of the
>hindlimb).  If not, and non-avialan theropods adopted an entirely
>different stance when roosting, then extant birds offer a poor analog
>for this hypothetical behavior in non-avialan >theropods.

Analog, schmanalog. The mechanics of standing on a horizontal rigid branch are 
the same as standing on flat ground -- whatever your neutral pose is

It is irrelevant, ecologically...