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RE: Arboreal Theropods: (bipeds)

> isn't that an actual theory in homonid evolution - that our ancestors became 
> bipeds before coming down from trees? (like orangs)

Well, yes, but:

We seem to be descended from very large climbing animals. Not from 
claw-climbers and not from arboreal quadrupeds (like monkeys), but from 
vertically climbing animals, more specifically from brachiators. Such animals 
keep their bodies vertical most of the time, and on the rare occasions that 
they walk at all, they often (orang-utans) or always (gibbons) do so bipedally. 
Apparent adaptations to bipedality go back to the late Miocene*Afropithecus* 
(of which the more famous *Morotopithecus* is a junior synonym) and 
*Pierolapithecus*, not to mention *Oreopithecus* which evidently became a 
giant-sloth-like bipedal folivore on a predator-free island.

BTW, orang means "human". In Indonesia there are water people (orang laut), 
forest people (orang utan) and small people (orang pendek), or so the story