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Re: A tough question...or is it?

Because there are so delicious, of course ! Don't forget that they are a vital source of proteins - meat and eggs - in many countries.

Regarding fossil dinosaurs, let's say that the number of people going to the Galerie of Paleontology in Paris is alone enough to understand why people study dinosaurs. Because people wants to see them, to touch them, to know everything about them. So, we get money to work on dinosaurs. Nothing more. Replace "dinosaurs" by "football" and the answer will be the same.


Although I'd like to have as much money as football players to do paleontology ! ;-)


PS: You can also replace "dinosaurs" by "Justin Bieber", given the number of chicks that are gathering for his concerts...

Le 28/07/2013 23:14, Raptorial Talon a écrit :
What's interesting about dinosaurs? Whether something is or is not
interesting is entirely subjective. To convince another person's
subjective mind to accept a subjective perception (in this case, that
dinosaurs are interesting), you have to appeal to what that person
relates to and finds meaningful in life.

Know your audience, in other words. Some people will never accept that
dinosaurs have any deeper relevance in their lives, while others will
have a lot of enthusiasm based on different life experiences and
ideologies. There's no universal standard that applies.

The study of dinosaurs does have some practical benefits, as well
(evolutionary principles and climate change being the two biggest that
spring to my mind), but overall the practical benefits are not
especially tangible - popular marketing excepted. In my experience,
it's difficult to convince people that dinosaurs are worth knowing
about based on practical arguments alone.

On Sun, Jul 28, 2013 at 3:41 PM,  <john-schneiderman@cox.net> wrote:
Okay...What's interesting about Dinosaurs?

On Sun, Jul 28, 2013 at 2:10 PM, David Marjanovic wrote:

Because they're interesting.

Is the question what's interesting about them, or what?

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